Parenting, in all of its forms, is a wild journey.  Challenging, life changing and heart wrenching.  It will break you, and it will make you.  Most of all, it’s not even about you.

I am not a parenting expert, in fact I’m fairly new to the game.  But like parenting itself, this site is not about me.  It was birthed from a vision in which it became clear I had to do something, so I called on my friends, network and social connections to help contribute to something much bigger than me.  I put out the invitation to create a community space where we could share ideas, resources and tools for the journey of parenting from the many facets and angles it offers.  The contributing authors here are successful parenting authors, coaches, trainers and most importantly, parents.  We offer you our humble thoughts, perspectives and experience and hope you find some New Thoughts on Parenting for your journey.