For Mothers to Thrive is to Change the World

As a wife, mother and spiritual counselor, I’ve learned that the better I care for myself, the better able I am to care for those around me. I’ve learned that this journey of self-care, or inner-care as I call it, is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage and conviction to care for the precious life that we have been given and live the life that we have come here to live. While I’ve always felt this way and practiced this in my life, it wasn’t until having my son that it became vitally important because now my life and the way I live it affects his own precious life.
Simultaneously, in my counseling practice, I’ve found that mothers everywhere are seeking to live a life overflowing with meaning and purpose. Mothers are the spiritual heart of the family, the spiritual heart of the planet, actually. Mothers experience such a profound spiritual connection when meeting our children for the first time and yet can so easily lose that connection when moving into the “doing” phase of caring for them and end up feeling exhausted, alone, and disheartened—sometimes struggling just to make it through the day. Mothers can experience what I call a sort of spiritual bankruptcy and are yearning to reconnect, mother—and live—from their spiritual center, power and authority. It is for this reason that I’ve come to know mothers as the untapped spiritual powerhouse of the planet.

Mothers are among the great givers of the world. No one loves and wants more for their children than mothers. Mothers seek to do, arguably the most important work on the planet, more often than not, from an empty tank. In working with mothers over the years, I’ve come to realize a direct correlation between the ability to carry out this high calling of motherhood—from a place of abundance rather than lack—and the practice of self-care. This has led me to a full on study of and advocacy for mothers to care for themselves and My mom martyred herself thinking she was doing something for me. Many of us martyr ourselves without even really being aware we are doing so. Now, I’ve learned that you can’t deprive your way to a thriving life, especially when you do it “for the sake of the children.”

I seek to break the chains, that my son and all children may live liberated. To that end, I wrote the book.


Nourishing our spirits, our inner life, is the single most effective way to create the quality of connection and family life that we are all seeking. Nourishing our inner life is the most powerful portal to experiencing prosperity, abundance and overflow in our lives. It’s not an exaggeration to say that self-care shifts our very experience of motherhood from lack to abundance. Taking the time to care for ourselves feels good! This “good” feeling is the feeling of abundance.

I have a vision of mothers all around the world flourishing: living and giving from this overflowing abundance. I see mothers as the ultimate philanthropists! May you be one of them. I have a vision of mothers all around the world uniting, joining together and evolving our collective vision of what motherhood can be. May your mothering experience be greater than you can possibly imagine. There’s a new conversation emerging that raises the roof on what is possible for mothers everywhere—the sky is the limit! May you be part of this emerging conversation of the possibility and potentiality for mothers everywhere!

Suzi Lula is a visionary leader who is transforming the way people think about motherhood. A much sought after spiritual counselor, teacher and inspirational speaker, she combines her innovative teaching over her 18 years in private practice with her training in spiritual psychology showing you how to reconnect with your untapped spiritual power and use it to mother both yourself and your children in a way that really empowers and enriches you life and connection with your children.  Based at Agape international Spiritual Center – Michael Bernard Beckwith, D. D. Founder. 

The Motherhood Evolution launches Sept. 7th – sign up now and get the first chapter free!


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